NEW YORK CITY (TIP): An event on the theme of creating a unified world was held at the United Nations in New York, October 24. The event was organized by Global Citizen Forum (GCF), a Singapore based not for profit body. It was well attended by representatives of UN missions, diplomats; heads of UN affiliated NGOs and business representatives.

The highlight of the event was the proposal to outline a roadmap for the creation of a unified world, by promoting harmonious cooperation of nations within the UN and reenforcing its position as the most significant platform for all consolidated international efforts for peace and development. It was addressed by GCF Founder-President, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi, a billionaire philanthropist who is also the Founder-Chairman of Smart Global. Speaking on the occasion, Dr, Modi described GCF as an organization focused on “discussing the ways in as individuals, people can go beyond borders to initiate multilateral cooperation.


GCF representatives outlined the need for building Global leaders who can spearhead this ‘One World’ initiative.” Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi, further commented that “Individuals and organizations need to align their activities to achieve the greater good of humanity, only then can we affectively resolve local and global problems. Hence, there is an urgent need to transcend the barriers of gender, nationality and religion and form a global identity that accepts all humans with equanimity. GCF is an initiative to promote such an awareness.” His comments come in the wake of an extremely successful US visit of Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in September, 2014 where he delivered his maiden address to the UN General Assembly.

In his address, PM Modi had said, “Historically, India has promoted the philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ in favour of justice, dignity, opportunity and prosperity for all.” In a remark that soon became the buzzword in social media, PM Modi stated “There is need for unity today, more than ever, in this ‘interdependent world’, despite having a great platform in the UN, nations keep making these international ‘groups’ whose membership keeps fluctuating.

There is a need today to move from this ‘Group One’ to ‘Group All,’ with the 70th anniversary of the UN approaching, we need to act on how this organization can become a platform for G-All.” Emphasizing the words of the Indian Prime Minister, GCF’s agenda is to focus on this G- All, which can lead to the creation of ‘One World’ – Beyond gender, boundaries, religion and nationality- the stated objective of the organization.

Mr. Ozi Amanat, (Executive Director, GCF), a Singapore based New-Yorker and self-confessed ‘Global Citizen’ underlined the need for promoting collaboration amongst nations for a peaceful future “At a time where technology has diminished the physical distance between places, there is an urgent need to recognize that true development can be achieved by harnessing this proximity to our advantagethe world can develop faster, if we move together.”


Global Citizen Forum (GCF) is an initiative of Dr Bhupendra Kumar Modi, global billionaire and entrepreneur. The prime objective of GCF is to facilitate creation of a global society without boundaries of religion, ideology or geography, through the use of communications technology. GCF seeks to bring together global leaders and experts in the field of business, economics, human rights, social service, administration, arts and others on a common platform who can deliberate upon international issues and attempt to advocate for practices that are beneficial to the development of future generations in the long run. The body has a large membership base across the globe and through its members’ community is a catalyst for positive change and action in countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America.


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