Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Madison Square Garden Event Sold Out

Those who could not get one of the 18,000 free tickets, will be able to watch Modi in Times Square or live streaming at watch parties around the country

NEW YORK (TIP): A community reception at Madison Square Garden for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 28 is completely sold out, announced the host, the Indian American Community Foundation (IACF). To accommodate the thousands of people who were not lucky enough to get one of the 18,000 free tickets, IACF said that the event would also be broadcast live in Times Square. Facing continued requests for tickets, the Foundation and its Welcoming Partners – – a collective comprised of hundreds of American community organizations –moved rapidly , September 15, to announce that Mr. Modi’s speech will be broadcast with real time subtitles, to one of the larger screens in Times Square where members of the community are welcome to gather.

“The incredible demand to be a part of Indian American history in greeting Prime Minister Modi has pushed us to find more ways to let the community participate” said Anand Shah, the spokesperson for IACF. “And that is why we decided to broadcast the event in Times Square, stream it online at, and provide English subtitles and audio translation — ensuring that as many people as possible could be part of what promises to be one of the largest ever gatherings to hear a foreign leader speak on American soil.”

The IACF is also helping student groups and community organizers arrange “viewing parties” in their local areas. Organizers plan to send tickets to community partner organizations by Friday, September 19 and those organizations will distribute them to their local members before the event on September 28th. With doors set to open on 9:00 a.m., Shah urged ticket holders to arrive early to pass through the significant security arrangements expected at Madison Square Garden. Attendees are also urged to regularly check for updated information leading up to the event.

A spectacular laser light show, holograms of India’s historical luminaries, and live folk dances will precede Mr. Modi’s speech, Shah said. Several members of the U.S. Congress, state Governors, and city leaders are confirmed to attend the event. “Prime Minister Modi taking the stage along with dozens of America’s most important political leaders in front of tens of thousands of cheering supporters will demonstrate the potential of a relationship across borders,” added Shah.

“The time has come for the world’s most significant democracies – India and America – to join together on a platform of mutual respect and shared values.” Indian American Community Foundation (IACF) which has put together the community reception, is a not-for-profit organization which has been established to promote cooperation between the United States and India. Its goal is to further advance the nations’ shared values of democracy, inclusive economic development, and mutual respect. IACF is working with 400 other Indian organizations to organize the speaking engagement at Madison Square Garden on September 28, 2014.


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