Modi behaving as if he is PM, says Sonia Gandhi

FAIZABAD (TIP): Congress president Sonia Gandhi on May 1 dubbed Narendra Modi “powerhungry”, saying the Gujarat CM is behaving as if he is the Prime Minister of the country even before the election process is over. Addressing a rally in the district, Sonia said “Modi is giving the impression that results are out and he is sitting on the throne. ‘

He wants all wealth in one hand. He is high on power and he has forgotten that people will decide the fate of the nation and not him.” She was campaigning for UP Congress president Nirmal Khatri, who is seeking re-election. The venue of Sonia’s rally was minoritydominated Raudauli area, tactically chosen by the party to woo the community.

Sonia listed out the achievements of UPA I and II and dismissed as “hollow” Modi’s claims of a corruption-free Gujarat, saying several ministers of the state were facing graft charges. “Modi claims he will get rid of corrupt parliamentarians once he comes to power. I want to ask how many corrupt and criminal ministers has he removed from his own Gujarat cabinet?” she asked.

“The Gujarat model is being sold across the country, but the reality is that children are dying of malnutrition since during his ten years in power, land owned by farmers were sold at throwaway prices,” she alleged. Sonia also accused BJP of indulging in divisive politics and claimed that Congress worked for the development of all sections.


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