Overseas AAP supporters help its Punjab campaign

CHANDIGARH (TIP): Aaam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters in the US and the UK are managing its online campaigns besides running membership drives and giving feedback on the election strategy in Punjab. “A large number of NRIs have filled up the volunteers’ forms in response to the online campaign launched there.

They are administrators of Facebook pages and running membership campaigns in different countries,” said AAP Punjab convener Sumail Singh. AAP supporter Samarjit Singh said inputs from NRI volunteers have been very helpful and some of them work throughout the night to connect with Punjabis settled abroad.

“There are about a dozen Facebook pages and groups which are being managed by these volunteers.” He said some are focusing on organizing events in Toronto and British Columbia; others answer general queries of supporters and guide NRIs how to donate for the party. “The local party managers are in constant touch with their offshore teams and they are giving inputs on every aspect of campaigning.” Kamaldeep Singh, an AAP NRI volunteer in Canada, said the objective was to propagate corruption free image of India across the globe besides running membership drives in Canada through various awareness programmes. There are over five lakh NRIs from Punjab but only 138 of them have been registered as voters.


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