PM Modi Asks Ministers to Fix 100-Day Agenda, Lists Top 10 Priorities

NEW DELHI (TIP): At a meeting of his Cabinet on May 29 Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked his ministers to prepare a list of issues that they will take up in the first 100 days in office, with a focus on efficiency, delivery systems and implementation. The PM also has a list of top 10 priorities, sources said.


  • To remove hurdles in economic growth which includes containing inflation as a priority.
  • To prioritize education, energy and water. Modi has repeatedly during his campaigns said that the expectations of the education system remain to be fulfilled.
  • To bring in reforms in infrastructure. Industry experts have in fact called upon the new government to focus on attracting investments in key sectors, especially the infrastructure space, to revive growth and investor confidence. Modi has focused repeatedly in many election rallies to make India a global manufacturing hub.
  • To provide a people-oriented government and governance. Modi has often stressed that mere good governance is not enough, and that it has to be pro-people and pro-active. Good governance is putting people at the center of development process.
  • To ensure time-bound implementation of policy. The BJP has often criticized the UPA for policy paralysis and economic stagnation.
  • To maintain consistency in policy.
  • To promote e-auctioning in government tenders and other government work. The idea is to encourage transparency.
  • To improve inter-ministerial coordination. Modi has already informally asked secretaries of various departments to give their views on whether some ministries should be clubbed to ensure better coordination.
  • To build confidence in the bureaucracy.
  • To empower and provide freedom to the bureaucracy

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