Salman Khusrshid Issues Veiled Threat To Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Union law minister Salman Khurshid is in the midst of another row, with TV channels showing him issuing a veiled threat to activists of India Against Corruption (IAC), who have announced to protest against the minister in his constituency, Farrukhabad.

The law minister is at the loggerheads with the IAC over the functioning of Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust, run by Salman Khurshid and his wife Louise. In an address to his supporters, as shown on TV channels, Khurshid is heard saying, “Let him come to Farrukhabad, let him come to Farrukhabad… but will he be able to return from Farrukhabad?”

The Union law minister further says… “I was told to work with a pen. I will continue to work with the pen, but time has come to also work with the blood.” India Against Corruption has reacted strongly to the law minister’s remarks and has sought the intervention of the Prime Minister and the President.

Refusing to bow down to threats, they have announced to go ahead with their protest programme in Farrukhabad. Reacting to Salman Khushid’s comments, Arvind Kejriwal has said it is not right for the country’s law minister to use such a language. He tweeted, “Killing me won’t help. Kyonki poora desh jaag gaya hai. Ek arvind marega to 100 arvind khade honge.”


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