Skirmish on LoC being called a strike, Pakistan army

ISLAMABAD (TIP): The Pakistan Army on Sept 29 denied the Indian Army’s claim of surgical strikes across the LoC, saying it forcefully responded to “cross-border fire” in which “two Pakistani soldiers were killed and nine injured”. Condemning the “firing on LoC”, PM Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan’s intent for peace should not be seen as its weakness. “Pakistan army is fully capable of defending the country and is ready to combat Indian forces,” he said. “We’ll give a befitting response if our sovereignty faces any danger,” he said.

Defence minister Khwaja Muhammed Asif, widely quoted as having said that Pakistan would use nuclear weapons if it feels threatened, said “small firearms were used by India during the skirmish across the LoC”. “India is trying to present LoC violation as a surgical strike,” he said. Asif further said the Kashmir issue is not going to die down and Pakistan will fully support the freedom movement there.

A statement from army’s media wing said, “There had been no surgical strike, instead a cross border fire was initiated by India.” The firing, the statement said, began after midnight and continued till 8 am. “Two Pakistani soldiers were martyred,” it said.

Army spokesman Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa told TV channels Pakistan was acting responsibly despite provocations. He said DGMOs of both countries talked over the phone where the Indian counterpart said they had witnessed movement at LoC, which they interpreted as possible infiltration. “But when we checked on the ground, we found nothing.” Dismissing that Indian paratroopers had entered Pakistan, Bajwa said, “It’s not possible….”

About Indian claims of Pakistan’s involvement in the Uri attack, the spokesperson said India has a 3 to 4-km deep anti-infiltration grid.”There is also a three-layer fence which would electrocute even a bird that flies past,” he said. “Are they saying all these failed and infiltration occurred?” he asked.(TNN)


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