The Shantiniketan Ashram (SNA) at Tavares, Fl Expands: Adds another Unit

TAVARES, FL (TIP): After a successful project of developing 174 condos for seniors in Tavares, Florida, in two phases – one consisting of 54 condos and another consisting of 120 condos – Shantiniketan is venturing its next project of developing under 501c3 tax-exempt corporation an ashram about three miles from these condos. The Shantiniketan Ashram (SNA) will provide seniors a dignified, peaceful and happy environment where they can spend their golden years. SNA is being built as part of a 100 acre complex called Shantiniketan village. The Ashram will help seniors who are unable to support themselves financially, in part or full, and will seek donations from philanthropists and in addition seek financial support from residents if they get Supplemental Social Security (SSI) and Medicaid.

Selection of these residents will be conducted through volunteers in every city (called Ambassadors). The ambassadors will contact potential residents who will then apply for residence at SNA. This will help in developing a database of potential residents which can be shared with the donors who will determine the efficacy of these residents before deciding to fund the project.

Ground breaking with the parcel of land shown in the background
Ground breaking with the parcel of land shown in the background


Elaborating the donations, SNA would seek donations in the amount of $600.00 per
unit/donor as that will help pay for the costs of taking care of one person/couple for one day in a year in perpetuity. Seeking this donation will accumulate sufficient capital to pay for the potential care of the couple. Donors will be entitled for tax benefits as per IRS rules for a 501C3 charitable entity.


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