Lastest Update -Earlier, the diamond baron spearheading the world-class Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) project formed a ring to get the personalized monogramed pinstripe suit of the Prime Minister put up at auction in the city’s Science Centre.

On the final day, leading diamond company owners including Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sightholders have descended at the auction venue to raise the pitch.

They have also roped in Lavji Badhsha (Patel), a former diamantaires, who is now into realty business, in a big way. After the Dharmanandan Diamond company raised the suit price at Rs 1.61 crore, a textile trader named Rajesh Jain bid for 1.65 crore.

However, Lavji Badhsha threw his hat in the ring by increasing the bid money at 1.71 crore.

A diamond baron said, “We will not let go the Modi suit out of Surat. The suit will be displayed at the upcoming SDB as a memorabilia. For this, we are ready to pay any price at the auction.”

Previous Update 19th Feb 2015 (below)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wore a pinstripe monogrammed suit in his meeting with President Barack Obama last month when Obama had come at India’s Republic Day.

The said suit was rumoured to cost around 10 lacs and carried Narendra Modi name in gold thread monogrammed on a closer inspection. The stripes were actually tiny letters spelling out his name in full– Narendra Damodardas Modi–and embroidered vertically down the stripe. 

Narendra Modi had earlier this week put the suit along with 455 other items on auction in a 3 Day auction event at Surat. Narendra Modi is generating funds for his ambitious Clean Ganga RPT Ganga Mission.

On Day 1 in Surat, a whopping Rs 1.11 crore has been the bid by a Gujarati NRI in an auction today for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s controversial pinstripe monogrammed bandhgala suit.

The suit drew a lot of attention in the Delhi Assembly elections with all political parties making it one of the political agendas against Narendra Modi. Many are still calling the auction a disaster control exercise. 

Narendra Modi is known for raising funds in similar fashion during his chief ministerial tenure in Gujarat and started a trend to auction the gifts that he received in a year and it was donated to Kanya Kelavani Yojna for girl child education. 

The event was organised at SMC’s Science Convention Centre at city-lights road in Surat as the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had decided to hold the auction event in the city.

”Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suit, that he wore during his meeting with President Barack Obama last month, along with other 455 items that he received as gifts during his tenure as Prime Minister will be auctioned at a three-day event in Surat,” Surat Municipal Commissioner Milind Toravane told PTI. 

Toravane said no base price has been fixed for any of the items to come under the hammer. 

On Day 2 of the Auctions – Bhavnagar-based diamond trader bids Rs 1.40 crore for PM Modi’s suit. The highest closing offer on the second day came from a diamond trader and ship-breaking tycoon from Bhavnagar, K.K. Sharma, who is also the chairman of the Leela Group of Companies.

Sharma is likely to be present to pick up delivery of the Modi suit if his bid of Rs 1.40 crore proves the highest on Friday, his official agent Chirag Mehta told media persons.



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