Why Narendra Modi? Why no protest on US visits of Netanyahu?

People have double standards in America especially the Muslims; if they really care about human rights of Muslims why no one has never protested for the on going genocide of Palestinian Muslim by Israeli Leaders and Military. They should have protested on numerous visits of Israeli Prime Ministers like Olmert & Netanyahu to USA who gets a Hero’s welcome in both houses of US Congress.

It is a universal truth all Israeli Prime Ministers including Netanyahu is directly responsible for giving orders to Israeli Military to kill unarmed Palestinian children, women, aged and young every day in their own country. I am not an admirer of Modi or BJP; slave to Zionist/Israeli’s and have mortgaged their integrity and brains to them. But Modi is not involved in killing of any minority on day to day basis.

2002 was an unfortunate year for both Muslims and Hindus of Gujarat and unfortunately there were more Muslim casualties. To blame Modi directly for that is not right because he never ordered like Netanyahu or Prime Ministers before him to kill Muslims. More over after this incident no incident of similar nature has taken place under Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat .

Modi is democratically elected Leader of Gujarat and represents more than 60 million people and Muslims account for more then 6 million which is more than the 1.85 million Muslim population of Israel. If Israeli Leaders like Netanyahu responsible for killing Palestinian Muslims on day to day basis can visit USA freely why can’t Modi who is not killing any one on day to basis; can visit USA or be a key note speaker in a University via Satellite? People should know USA use all kind of leaders to their advantage.

It was President Reagan who introduced Mujahedin’s in White House Lawns to the Media by saying, “Gentlemen these are the moral equivalent of our founding fathers.” Later when Russians were thrown out of Afghanistan by Mujahideen forces America turned against them. If American’s can give Hero’s welcome to mass murderers like Netanyahu involved in state sponsored Terrorism then no one should have any objections to the US visit of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi or his being a key note speaker via satellite in a US University.


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