JAMAICA, NY (TIP): Air India, New York invited Media Partners to “Air India’s New Summer 2015 Inflight Menu Presentation” on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Flying Food inflight caterers, at JFK International Airport in New York.

Regional Manager – Americas Rishikant Singh, and members of his team welcomed the invitees.

Samples of the menu in all three classes of service were on display for inspection.

James Ball, Flying Food Group VP Sales & Services, and Intiaz Yasin, Account Manager for Air India, along with their team of talented chefs, were on hand to describe and present the variety of items served inflight, and described the entire process of food preparation and quality control.

Air India has always been known for its onboard cuisine, and for the gracious hospitality with which it is served. Air India, unlike many airlines these days, still offers inflight entertainment, multiple meals and drinks onboard at no cost, and the quantities served ensure that passengers will have no trouble in falling asleep after their meals.

The Regional Manager discussed the importance of food in Indian culture, and the great variety of cuisines found in India – all of which are reflected in Air India’s inflight menu. The dietary or religious requirements can be taken care of including kosher, halal and no beef. First class passengers enjoy the luxury of a multi-course meal at the time of their choosing.

All Special Meal (SPML) requests need to be made at least 48 hours prior to departure, especially for economy class.

Following are some of the types of meals offered by Air India which can be booked online or through your travel agent:

  • Asian Vegetarian (Hindu Vegetarian)
  • Jain Meal – (vegetarian meal without roots & tubers)
  • Hindu Meal (Non vegetarian excludes beef)
  • Baby Meal/Infant Food (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Bland Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Child Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Diabetic Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Fruit Platter Meal
  • Gluten Intolerant Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Kosher Meal
  • Low Calorie Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Low Fat Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Low Salt Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Moslem Meal
  • Low Lactose Meal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian)
  • Vegetarian Raw Meal
  • Seafood Meal – (only in first & executive classes)
  • Special Meal -(needs to be specified)
  • Vegan Meal – (vegetarian meal without dairy products)
  • Lacto-Ovo Meal (vegetarian meal with dairy products & eggs)
  • Vegetarian Oriental Meal

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian choice needs to be specified with all Special Meal (SPML) requests in all classes.

Take in a movie at leisure on comfortable and ergonomically designed seats !

Please check our website for more details about ouronboard service, and any other needs about your booking.

Air India with 3 non-stops from Newark, New York and Chicago to Delhi and Mumbai with over 60 onward connections within India and to other continents is your window to Asian culture and the world.



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