Appeal to Join the Support Aakash Rally on May 14th outside Governor Christie’s office in Trenton

NEW JERSEY (TIP) A devout Hindu couple Dr. Adarsh Dalal and Harsha Dalal raised their only child, Aakash, born in New Jersey with love and care to live out their American dream. Aakash turned out to be a gifted student. He made an early mark in academic and extracurricular throughout his life.

Aakash attended Lodi High School where he became Captain of the Tennis team. He won many award such as: second place in The National Chemistry Week Poster Contest, Bergen County Science League award, and second place American Chemical Society USA Science Competition.

He scored 2280/2400 in SATs and joined Rutgers University, New Jersey in 2011. He soon became the President of Young Americans for Liberty at Rutgers and joined Presidential Candidate Ron Paul in New Hampshire during the Primary in 2011-2012. Around the end of January in 2012 Dr. & Mrs. Dalal’s worst nightmares started with Aakash’s interrogation by the Bergen County detectives in connection with the firebombing of synagogues.

The interrogation was without the presence of an attorney or his parents. These nightmares culminated into catastrophic proportions that they are still suffering mentally, emotionally and financially since March 2nd, 2012 the day 19 years old Aakash was arrested in connection with these fire bombings of synagogues in Bergen County.

The various Community organizations under Mr. Pradip Kothari are holding a protest on May 14, 2014 at 11.00 AM outside the office of Governor Chris Christie in Trenton in support of Aakash Dalal. Please join this protest keeping in mind that Aakash is an American citizen who has NOT been charged with a crime after his arrest since March 2, 2012 and since then languishing in solitary confinement. It could be you next.

It is so easy to assume someone is guilty but that is not the way the judicial system should work. Obviously, the Bergen County Prosecutor and Courts have no evidence. Please join the protest to raise your voice against injustice and human rights violations.We Americans are famous for raising human right issues around the world so why not raise these issues at home also. Just remember the words of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, “The great glory of American democracy is the right to protest for right”.


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