The Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebrations organized in New Britain

Representatives of three religions- Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam- shared knowledge and experience about their faith.
Representatives of three religions- Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam- shared knowledge and experience about their faith.

NEW BRITAIN, CT (TIP): The State of CT Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Multicultural Affairs Unit hosted the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration (AAPIHMC) to raise awareness and to celebrate the contributions made by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the United States.

The event was held at the Central Connecticut State University Institute of Technology & Business Development building located at 185 Main Street New Britain, CT 06051.

CSSD oversees pretrial services, family services, divorce and domestic violence, probation supervision of adults and juveniles as well as juvenile residential centers including Juvenile Detention. CSSD also administers a network of statewide contracted community providers that deliver treatment and other support services.

The mission of CSSD is to provide effective support services within the Judicial Branch by working collaboratively with system stakeholders to promote compliance with court orders and instill positive change in individuals, families, and communities.

CSSD is able to accomplish this mission by employing risk and conflict reduction strategies within each of its service areas.

A panel from three religion Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam was invited to share knowledge and experience about their faith.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Bill Howe addressed the audience about the Asian American culture and his experience as an educator and consultant in multicultural education.

Dr. William (Bill) A. Howe provides training and consultation in multicultural education, culturally responsive education, diversity awareness and gender equity (Title IX). He is the former program manager for culturally responsive education, multicultural education, bullying & harassment, gender equity and civil rights at the Connecticut State Department of Education. He is a regular presenter at state and national conferences, has appeared on both radio and television on diversity issues. Over the years, he has trained over 15,000 educators.

On this event Swaranjit Singh Khalsa from Sikh Sewak Society International USA who has recentlybeen appointed as Member in City Planning Commission for city of Norwich, said that Sikhs have been targeted for hate crime due to their articles of faith like Dastaar and beard.

He explained the articles of Sikh faith and also spoke about the history of Sikh Religion. He said Guru Nanak who was a social reformer and a champion of Civil rights in the 15th century, five hundred years before America spoke about these liberties, founded the Sikh religion which is the youngest and the fifth largest religion of the world with  a worldwide following of 25 million.


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