Burglars Targeting Indian Americans – Texas Police

After a burglary at the home of an Indian American in the US state of Texas, police fear that a notorious crime syndicate that primarily targeted people of Indian descent have resurfaced in the area.

On July 17, two persons broke into the house in Plano, a city in Texas, through the back door – and in full view of a surveillance camera perched just above the back patio, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Police fear that the home invasion past week could be the handiwork of a group of burglars notorious for targeting Indian-Americans last year.

“These suspects might possibly be the Asian/Indian residential burglars that have hit in the past,” said David Tilley, spokesman for the Plano police.

He, however, stresses that this is just a hunch, but one based on reliable intel.

In December several people were arrested in connection with home invasions and a carjacking, where the victims were of Indian descent.

The suspects in last year’s robberies were from Houston and Colombia.

Mr Tilley said that “Houston has had repeated problems with this group” in the past.

Mr Tilley said last week Irving Police reported “having a similar incident where the victim was [of] Asian/Indian decent (just as ours was).”

“We have asked Irving police for further information and will update when they respond.”

“We want to get the word out early even though this is our first suspected incident,” Mr Tilley said.

“Again, this is just suspected at this time, and we have nothing to prove they are in fact this group, but we want to warn those who might be affected to stay alert.”


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