Congressional candidate to headlight IAPC’s presidential debate at media meet

NEW YORK (TIP): The Indo American Press Club (IAPC) is showing the Indian community a path to mainstream by holding a debate on October 9 in Connecticut on the upcoming presidential election.

political-faceoffAt its 3rd International Media Conference (Oct 8-10, 2016) in Stamford, CT, IAPC is hosting the discussion between a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton, Peter Jacob, and a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, Prof AD Amar. They will argue for who of the two presidential nominees will be good for America and for Indo-US relations.

Peter Jacob

Peter Jacob is an Indian American community organizer with a master’s degree in social work who is running as Democratic candidate for US House from New Jersey’s GOP leaning District 7. He has been endorsed by Democratic leader Bernie Sanders, whose site praised the 30-year-old’s commitment to the community with these words: “Raised in Union, New Jersey, Peter Jacob understands how important a safe and caring community is to success. Through various community organizations, Peter has helped fight the ongoing scourges of child abuse, human trafficking, and disastrous Iraq War.” His campaign for healthcare reform, environmental sustainability, and immigrant integration also comes in for praise.

Prof Amar Dev Amar

Prof Amar Dev Amar is founder and President of Indian Americans for Trump 2016 who is actively involved in promoting the Republican nominee’s candidacy among the Indian community in the tristate area. He teaches and researches in managing organizations as Professor of Management at the Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ.

Prof. Indrajit S. Saluja

The moderator of the IAPC presidential debate will be Prof. Indrajit S. Saluja, Chief Editor & Publisher of The Indian Panorama, a prominent English language newspaper with editions in New York and Dallas. A professor of English in India, he first delved into media by publishing a news magazine from Punjab.

IAPC had also hosted a discussion on the presidential election in Houston in which representatives from both the Trump and Hillary campaigns took part on Sept 11. It was attended by a large number of Indian Americans, political personalities and community leaders.

IAPC’s Media Conference at Hilton Stamford Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, CT is bringing together an array of prominent journalists and media professionals from the US, Canada and India to deliberate at seminars and workshops. Many dignitaries will be in attendance and prominent people from India and North America will be honored for their service to society.

IAPC President, Parveen Chopra, and Chairman, Ginsmon Zacharia, invite media professionals to attend the conference and presidential debate.

IAPC was formed in 2013 with the lofty ideals of providing a common platform to media professionals of Indian origin living in North America, fostering closerbonds and cooperation with IAPC’s counterparts in India and to strive for betterment of society at large. It has 8 chapters in US and Canada.

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