“Dark Money Has No Place In Our Elections”, Says NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

NEW YORK (TIP): NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is reaching out to New Yorkers to garner support for his proposal to have new regulations to make donations to federal, state and local electioneering more transparent.

The text of his letter reads:
“You and I both know that dark money has no place in our elections.”

“Ever since filing cabinets stuffed with untraceable cash were found at President Nixon’s campaign headquarters during the Watergate scandal, there has been a broad consensus in America: when people spend money to try to influence our elections, the public needs to know where that money is coming from, and how it is being spent.Simply put, transparency reduces the likelihood of corruption.”

“But since the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, nonprofits, and particularly 501(c)(4)’s have been used to subvert transparency and avoid accountability.”

“This week, my office has filed new regulations requiring nonprofit groups, including 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organizations, to report the percentage of their expenditures that go to federal, state and local electioneering. Those groups that spend at least $10,000 to influence state and local elections in New York will be required to file itemized expenses and report contributions of $100 or more. Under the proposed new rules, those disclosures will be posted online.”

“We know that more money is being spent on our elections, with less disclosure of where that money is coming from, than ever before. By shining a light on this dark corner of our political system, New York will serve as a model for other states, and for the federal government, to protect the integrity of nonprofits and our democracy.”

“In the coming weeks, my office will hold public hearings on the proposed regulations across the state. I would appreciate your input. Together, we can stamp out the corrosiveness of secret money in our state’s elections. “Thank you, as always, for your commitment to the civic process. Sincerely, Eric Schneiderman “


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