Dr. Purnachandra Aramalla India Association Of Long Island Pioneer Award 2013 Excellence In Business Leadership

Mr. Purnachandra Aramalla studied Pharmacy at Andhra University in India. After his Post-Graduation studies he worked in the industry for a couple of years and then went back to the University to do research on antibiotics and biotechnology. At this time he published several research papers in Indian and International Journals. He then worked as a Lecturer in Andhra University for a few years before he migrated to the USA in 1984. In the USA he first worked as a Pharmacist.

He then joined with one of his former students and in 1998 founded a Biotech Firm known as JN International Medical Corporation. This today is a premier R & D Company which has developed several vaccines including a Tetravalent Meningitis Vaccine. One of the most exciting products this Company has developed is also a preventative and therapeutic vaccine for stroke and other neurological disorders. Several other such innovative vaccines are in the process of development.

This Company currently has several patents. Mr. Aramalla is known to be a philanthropist. He has built a humanist library in India and donated Digital Blackboards to his former school. He contributed to the Indo American Cancer Hospital at Hyderabad, one of the leading cancer hospitals in India. He is one of the Trustees on the Board of the Indo American Cancer Hospital.

Additionally, he is known to be a regular contributor to several other Indian Organizations too such as TLCA, TANA, NATS, NATA, Silicon Andhra and many others. Mr. Aramalla lives on Long Island, NY with his wife Usha who is also very actively involved with various charitable organizations. The couple has a daughter, Snigdha and two sons, Krishna and Raja.


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