First Presidential Debate turns #Trump into a Lying Machine

Readers: This is a strange Election where one has to vote for the lesser of two evils; this being said who would you vote for – someone who makes a mistake and admits it or the one who lies and lies more to cover the previous lie.

November 8 will go down in history as the day “The World Stood Still”.

By any equation, Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump in the first presidential debate.

Trump was erratic, inconsistent and incoherent. He did not make a memorable case on any issue except perhaps his temperament (lol).

Below are some of the things our good candidate Lied about in front of over 100 million viewers.

  • He lied about the loan his father once gave him.
  • He lied about his company’s bankruptcies.
  • He lied about his federal financial-disclosure forms.
  • He lied about his endorsements.
  • He lied about “stop and frisk.”
  • He lied about “birtherism.”
  • He lied about New York.
  • He lied about Michigan and Ohio.  
  • He lied about Palm Beach, Fla.
  • He lied about Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve.
  • He lied about the trade deficit.
  • He lied about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan.
  • He lied about her child-care plan.
  • He lied about China devaluing its currency.
  • He lied about Mexico having the world’s largest factories.
  • He lied about the United States’s nuclear arsenal. 
  • He lied about NATO’s budget.
  • He lied about NATO’s terrorism policy.
  • He lied about ISIS.
  • He lied about his past position on the Iraq War.
  • He lied about his past position on the national debt.
  • He lied about his past position on climate change.
  • He lied about calling pregnancy an “inconvenience” for employers.
  • He lied about calling women “pigs.”
  • He lied about calling women “dogs.”
  • He lied about calling women “slobs.”

So… who won the debate?


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