Hillary Clinton has a Massive Lead in Early Primary Polling

NEW YORK (TIP): The Washington Post and ABC News, January 30 morning, bring an early look at the leader board for the 2016 presidential nominations. The fact that Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the Democrats will surprise absolutely no one-but the sheer size of her lead is something to behold: 61 points.

If the 2016 Democratic primary were today, 73 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents would vote for Clinton, according to a new Washington Post/ ABC poll. Just 12 percent said they would vote for Vice President Biden, while 8 percent said they’d vote for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. While Warren is a favorite among liberals, she is among the several lawmakers who have said they’d support Clinton if she were to run.

Clinton’s lead in the survey, conducted Jan. 20-23 among a national sample of 1,003 adults, is the largest lead in an early primary match up that the Post/ABC poll has recorded in 30 years. The overall margin of error for the poll is 3.5 points. Over on the GOP side of things, meanwhile, we find a much more crowded field.

Here’s the full breakdown of the Republican field: Paul Ryan, 20 percent; Jeb Bush, 18 percent; Chris Christie, 13 percent; Ted Cruz, 12 percent; Marco Rubio, 10 percent; and Rand Paul, 11 percent. 9 per cent had no opinion. 4 per cent said none of these. 2 per cent said favored other and 1 per cent would not vote. Meanwhile, reports are coming in that the major super PAC that supported President Obama’s re-election now will begin raising money to help elect Hillary Clinton to the White House if she chooses to run. CNN said the group confirmed its support for Hillary.

Priorities USA Action is reaching out to major Democratic donors as it starts to build support for her potential run and plans to raise tens of millions of dollars to begin to lay the groundwork for a potential candidacy. But the big question is:Will Hillary agree to run? She has yet to say whether she’ll run for President in 2016.Vice President Joe Biden, who harbors ambition to be the President, says Hillary Clinton’s decision on whether she will or won’t run for president in 2016 will not directly impact his own decision on whether to launch another bid for the White House. And Biden, making the rounds on the morning network newscasts, said he thinks he’d “make a good president.”


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