NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio displays his IDNYC Card at the launch of the ambitious project of providing City ID to all residents
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio displays his IDNYC Card at the launch of the ambitious project of providing City ID to all residents

QUEENS, NY (TIP): There is a “tremendous demand for the IDNYC card”, says Queens Borough President Melinda Katz who announced that Queens Borough Hall will serve as an IDNYC Pop Up Enrollment Center from June 2 to 16. All New York City residents age 14 and older are qualified to apply for an IDNYC card, regardless of immigration status.

“From the ‘World’s Borough’ of 2.3 million residents of over 130 languages, we are pleased to offer Borough Hall as a temporary satellite location to help address the tremendous demand for IDNYC,” said Borough President Katz. “The IDNYC program has proven itself as an effective tool to ensure equal access to municipal services – from benefits at the culturals to parents visiting their kids at school – and we can’t register New Yorkers fast enough.”

“We are very excited about the extraordinary response of New Yorkers from Queens to the IDNYC program, and we thank Borough President Katz for taking the initiative of opening a pop-up enrollment center in Queens Borough Hall – we are thrilled to see our city government working together to make the IDNYC program as strong as it can be,” said New York City’s Immigration Commissioner NISHA AGARWAL.

The IDNYC card is an accessible and secure document that enables residents to access City services and grant admission to City buildings, such as schools. In addition, the card can be presented as proof of identification for interacting with the police and is an accepted form of identification for opening a banking account at select financial institutions. An IDNYC card can also be used at all branches of all three of New York City’s public library systems and be used to obtain discounts and other benefits at museums and cultural institutions, entertainment venues, pharmacies and fitness centers.

All IDNYC applicants can make an appointment at Queens Borough Hall or at any other IDNYC Enrollment Center. Appointments can be made either by calling 311 or online at

Applicants are required to present proof of identity and residency in New York City. Many types of documents are accepted, all of which are listed at Upon submitting an application, the IDNYC Card will be sent to the resident via regular mail.

The IDNYC card is free for all New Yorkers who apply before December 31, 2015. Cards are valid for five years from the date the application is approved. The IDNYC application is available in various languages including English, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian-Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yiddish.

The City will protect the confidentiality of all IDNYC card applicants to the maximum extent allowable by applicable federal and state law, and in accordance with Local Law 35. In addition, the City will not ask applicants for information about their immigration status for purposes of obtaining the card.

To get an IDNYC card, you must meet the following criteria:

1) At least four (4) points of documents with:

– At least three (3) points of documents proving identity.

– At least one (1) point of documents proving residency.


2) At least one (1) of the documents submitted must have a photo of the applicant, unless the applicant is 21 years old or younger and is accompanied by a caretaker who can demonstrate proof of relationship.

3) At least one (1) of the documents submitted has the applicant’s date of birth.

No expired documents will be accepted except machine readable passports that expired within the last three years. Only original documents and copies certified by the issuing agency will be accepted.

Age Requirement:

The minimum age to apply for an IDNYC card is 14. Applicants age 14 and older may apply on their own with a photo ID.

If you are an applicant between 14 and 21 years old and do not have a photo ID please check this box.

Identity and Residency Documents

If you have one of the following documents, you are not required to bring any further proof of identity or residency:

New York State (NYS) Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit with a New York City address (4)

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card with a New York City address (4)

NYC Handgun License (4)


U.S. Passport

Foreign Passport

U.S. Visa / Permits

U.S. Government ID Documents

U.S. Driver’s License

Foreign Driver’s License

Foreign ID Documents

U.S. Professional / Education Documents







No Stable Address/Survivors of Domestic Violence

Queens Borough Hall is located at 120-55 Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens. It is adjacent to the Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike subway station on the E and F lines.



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