Indian-American Community Signals Its Coming Of Age

WASHINGTON (TIP): The ‘Indiaspora 2013 InauguralBall’ organized by the Indian-American community washeld on Saturday, January 19, to celebrate the Secondinauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama. Thiswas the first of its kind event organized and heralded thecoming of age for the community which is estimated tonumber over 3 million strong in the US.”Indian-Americans are tremendously important and wehope they would be increasingly visible not only in thegovernment, but also in all parts of American life,” saidMaya Kassandra Soetoro-Ng,maternal half-sister of Mr.Obama, adding that the President was very proud of thecommunity.

“It is certainly a reflection of how importantIndia is and how important Indian-Americans are to thefabric of the nation. I would just like to celebrate all of thecontribution artistic, political and so much more of thecommunity,” said Ms.Maya at the first-ever Indian-American inaugural ball.The event was organized by Indiaspora – a recentlyformed organization which aims to be a catalyst totransform the success of Indian-Americans into meaningfulimpact in India and on the global stage.

“It is time we come to recognize fully the contribution ofthe Indian-American community here,” said Ms.Maya,reflecting the views of Mr. Obama who has the distinctionof appointing the largest number of Indian-Americans inany presidential administration ever.”It is very exciting to serve in an Administration that hasso many great Indian-Americans serving,” said Raj Shah,Administrator of USIAD, the highest ranking Indian-American in the Obama Administration.

A whopping 84 per cent Indian-Americans voted for Mr.Obama in November’s elections.”I think it is wonderful for the Indian-Americancommunity. It is coming of age, politically for them. This isnot just a ball. This is a massive gala,” said CongressmanJoe Crowley, Co-Chair of the Congressional India Caucus,referring to the hundreds of Indian-Americans who hadgathered at the inaugural ball of the community.


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