Indian American Eye Surgeon Dr. V K Raju Lectures in Vietnam

Dr. VK Raju delivering lecture at ASEAN Ophthalmology Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam October 30th, 2015
Dr. VK Raju delivering lecture at ASEAN Ophthalmology Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam October 30th, 2015

It was some 2 years ago that I came across Dr. VK Raju. I hadn’t heard of him though I should have. It is a journalist’s task to have information about people-good and bad. Dr. Raju is not only an efficient eye surgeon, he is also a man endowed with a rare virtue of helping patients with eye affliction anywhere in the world. However, though he has provided vision and saved a large number of people from blindness in various parts of the world, he remains steadfast in his love for the country of his origin-India.

Dr. VK Raju is founder and Medical director of Eye Foundation of America and Clinical professor of ophthalmology at West VirginiaUniversity. Since 1977, he, with his team, has examined 2 million outpatients, performed 300 thousand surgeries, including 25 thousand on children in India and 21 other developing countries.

Recently, Dr. Raju was invited as a guest speaker at Vietnam ASEAN Ophthalmology Congress. He delivered 4 lectures on Cataract surgery and dry eyes, and corneal transplants. The meeting took place in Hanoi on 29th, 30th and 31st of October 2015.

Dr. Raju is passionately committed to preventing blindness among children, particularly in India where, he says, because of malnutrition millions are always in danger of losing vision. I have been told he makes it a point to rush to India to hold eye camps for children, whenever he gets an opportunity. Thank you, Dr. Raju for the great service you are doing to children in India and patients here in America and elsewhere I am sure, some day your enormous contribution will be adequately recognized.


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