Indian-American Plans Run For Public Office In California

HOUSTON (TIP): An Indian American whoas a former US Treasury official oversawdepartment’s troubled Asset Relief Program atthe height of country’s financial crisis isconsidering a run for public office in Californiaas a Republican.Neel Kashkari, 39, announced that he isstepping down from his job as managementdirector for Pacific Investment Management Co(PIMCO), a Newport Beach investment firm.

The former Goldman Sachs banker expressedan interest in entering public service in California in multiple interviews innewspapers and has launched a website toutinghis biography and leadership bona fides.Kashkari, whose parents Chaman and SheilaKashkari are Indian-Americans from Kashmir,said, “I’m not the typical California Republican.I’m the son of immigrants.

“Kashkari told the Wall Street Journal. “Icome from modest upbringing. I have asuccessful track record. I’m an optimist. And Ithink something can be done if people worktogether.”Kashkari was a key figure in implementingthe USD 700 billion bank bailout effort, knownas the Troubled Asset Relief Program, duringPresident George W Bush’s second term.He stayed at the department for the start ofBarack Obama’s presidency before leaving tojoin PIMCO in 2009.


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