Indian American Prachi wins a two year internship program with Merrill Lynch

Prachi Makkar rings the bell at New York Stock Exchange
Prachi Makkar rings the bell at New York Stock Exchange

NEW JERSEY (TIP): A multifaceted Prachi Makkar is currently a sophomore at Seton Hall University in the Stillman School of Business. She is studying Finance and Economics with a minor in Theatre. She is a member of The Leadership Development Program, the honors program for business students. She is also on the executive board for the Women’s Leadership Program, looking to help female students make connections with powerful women in the real world. Prachi is also very involved on campus and is part of The Dean’s Advisory Board, National Society for Collegiate Scholars, Alumni Initiative, Finance Club, Drama Club, and South Asian Students Association. Prachi went to The Academy for Performing Arts High School and wanted to pursue theatre and the arts in the future along with business because of her vast background.

Her education and passion have driven her to be very successful at a young age. Last summer as a freshman, Prachi interned with MD On-Line in their EDI Department in Parsippany, New Jersey. There, she made presentations to clients and also parsed out reports. With that experience, Prachi became a Peer Adviser on campus. She is the Teacher’s assistant and helps freshmen get acclimated to the University. She is their mentor, guide, and friend. Recently, Prachi accepted a two year internship program with Merrill Lynch in their Global Wealth Management Department at their Short Hills office in New Jersey.

Prachi started singing at a mere age of 6 at the Bridgewater Gurdwara and continued her perform together at many temples, gurdwaras, and Indian events. Prachi can sing in 4 languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and English and also plays the harmonium, violin, and rabaab. She spreads her knowledge by teaching SAT classes at the Bridgewater Gurdwara and is the Bhajan Teacher at the Hindu Temple Cultural Society Temple Camp in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Every year, since 2009, Prachi and her jathaa have been competing in the Hemkund Kirtan Competition. Prachi has won many awards for her academics and singing. Actively involved in the community, she is a great leader and a great representative for our people.


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