Indian-American Sri Srinivasan, Kamala Harris headed for US apex court

WASHINGTON (TIP): The hearing for Sri Srinivasan’s confirmation as federal judge, the first ever Indian- American to serve the post, began Wednesday, April 10. However, he is quipped to move up to the US supreme court too. Kamala Harris, a California based attorneygeneral who recently got recognized by President Obama is also up for the post. The Indian-American community is easily the country’s best-educated, highest earning ethnic group in the US. It is touted that community can boast of a supreme court justice from its distinguished members before the end of President Obama’s second term.

President Obama nominated Srinivasan for the DC circuit court, considered as the second highest court in the country. It is also deemed to be the stepping stone to the supreme court. If confirmed Srinivasan will be the first Indian American to be appointed to a federal court.

There is much riding on his lean shoulders. The hearing was attended by Indian American congressman Ami Bera, and the first and only Hindu congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, another Indian American whose rise in the US judicial system is being closely watched: district attorney Preet Bharara.

Is he likely to go through? The committee was certainly impressed. What objections could anyone have to your appointment, asked senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat. “You have done a fine job today,” said Republican senator Ted Cruz. Saroja Srinivasan, who came to the US with her husband when Srinivasan was four said, “He is very hardworking and humble.” A distinctly proud mother, who had just heard some very tough politicians say extremely good things about her son. In fact, pundits are already forecasting that Srinivasan will make the top grade before President Obama demits office. “Technically, Sri Srinivasan is just a candidate for the United States court of appeals for the DC circuit, but few are misled.

The stakes in this nomination are clear: if Srinivasan passes this test and wins confirmation, he’ll be on the supreme court before President Obama’s term ends,” legal maven Jeffrey Toobin wrote on Tuesday in a New Yorker blog, ahead of the much-awaited hearing.


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