Indian American Uber Driver racially abused by NYPD

Racist NYPD Cop shouts “I don’t know what f—ing planet you’re on right now!”
Racist NYPD Cop shouts “I don’t know what f—ing planet you’re on right now!”

NYPD Internal Affairs is investigating a video allegedly showing an officer unleashing a racist rant on an Uber driver during a traffic stop in the West Village on Monday, the Daily News has learned.

“I don’t know where you’re coming from, where you think you’re appropriate in doing that, that’s not the way it works. How long have you been in this country?” the white plainclothes officer hollers at an Indian driver in a clip shot by a backseat passenger.

Right before slamming the car door and storming away, the hot-headed cop shouts: “I don’t know what f—ing planet you’re on right now!”

The policeman repeatedly mocks the driver’s accent and broken English, and curses at the mild-mannered driver when the man simply says “Okay” during one of the officer’s outbursts, the video shows.

The roadside rage erupted after the officer was allegedly trying to park his unmarked car without using his blinker, and the Uber driver went around him and gestured to put his blinker on, according to Sanjay Seth, the rider who posted the incendiary clip. Seth says in the video the driver honked as he passed.

Seth wrote on the video’s YouTube page that the incident happened in NYPD Precinct 6, in the West Village.

Precinct 6 officers referred questions to NYPD headquarters, where a spokesman initially said the department was unaware of the video. Headquarters later confirmed it had referred the video to Internal Affairs for an investigation.


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