Indian Americans Launch Door-To-Door Support Campaign for Trump in New Jersey

In a desperate attempt to gather more ethnic (non-white) support for Donald Trump’s Presidential bid, a PAC called Volunteers of Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 has launched a door-to-door campaign in New Jersey’s Mercer and Monmouth counties, reported PTI.

The agenda of the campaign is to raise awareness of Trump’s agenda among perspective voters with evidence based on past behavior of Hillary Clinton  and why she will not be a good president.

Indian-American supporters of the Republican presidential nominee argue that this mode of campaigning is still an effective tool to win people’s heart ahead of the November 8 general elections.

AD Amar, president, Indian-Americans for Donald Trump was joined by political activist Satya Dosapati Narayana, West Windsor Township Republican Committeeperson Rimma Rosenberg, Mercer County Republican Committee Second Vice Chair Colleen DiPastina and her husband and Monmouth County Republican State Committeeman John Costigan and his wife, the media release said.

“The campaigners presented evidence in the form of past behavior to convince the voters why Hillary Clinton will not be a good president and why Trump will be good. With a few exceptions, they hope they changed minds of some voters,” the media release said.


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