Indian Owned Jewellery Store Ransacked in the Kansas

WASHINGTON:  A jewellery store owned by an Indian-origin man in the US state of Kansas has been ransacked by thieves who also stole valuable jewellery items, a media report said.

The Karats Jewellers, owned by Akshay Andy Anand says he wants justice after thieves ripped through his business and family’s dream.

The jewelry business has been in his family for six generations. Anand was the first in his family to bring the family business to the United States.

The thieves used stones to smash the glass doors and took away ornaments kept in cases, reported.

“You feel cheated,” said Anand. “You feel like somebody violated you. You worked so hard for what you do, and I mean, you do it the right way, you do everything proper, and then just somebody comes in, takes it away from you.”

“I have raised it like a child for 10 years, and we have put a lot of hard work into bringing this business as one of the top jewellery stores in the city,” Mr Anand said.

He further said that police are working to identify cars and descriptions of the suspects.


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