INOC Chair repudiates statements by Juned Qazi

George Abraham, the Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA
George Abraham, the Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA

NEW YORK (TIP): In a written statement issued by George Abraham, Chair, INOC USA has said that Mr. Juned Qazi’s (former President) statement as regards Congress Party and its Vice-President Mr. Rahul Gandhi are his own personal views and not shared by the members of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA.

‘It is quite regrettable that he has misused his position and privilege to undermine the credibility of the organization and hurt the Party in India. As chairman of the organization, I deplore his actions and repudiate his statements seemingly at the behest of INOC, USA.

“We, at the INOC, have dedicated our time and efforts since 1998 to support the Congress Party and uphold its values and principles. We would like to see a Democratic and Secular India not only survives but thrives and establishes an ever closer relationship with the USA where we have made our residences. Regardless of the obstacles put in our way, we will continue to strive in that endeavor in the days and months ahead.

“I congratulate Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, the newly elected President of INOC, USA on his assumption of the office and wish him the very best.”


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