INOC (I) USA Condemns Naxal attack on Congress Convoy in Chhattisgarh

NEW YORK (TIP): George Abraham, President of INOC (I) USA has condemned the Naxal attack on a Congress Party Convoy in Chhattisgarh which resulted in the death of around 35 persons. The resolution reads: “The Indian National Overseas Congress (I) USA strongly condemns the barbaric attack on a bus in Bastar, Chhattisgarh by Naxalities on a convoy carrying Congress leaders in which over 35 people are feared killed and the causalities may increase as the bus was reported to be carrying about 50 passengers including 25 Special Police Officers.

This Maoist mayhem nearly wiped out the Congress leadership in Chhattisgarh and INOC(I) USA deeply regrets this massive loss of life. “We concur with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who has often described Naxalism as “the biggest security challenge facing the country” and we strongly agree with his instant order to NIA to probe this Maoist attack. We urge that after providing the best care possible to the injured, no stone should be left unturned to investigate this vicious attack and the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

“INOC(I) USA prays for the lives of those critically injured including Hon. V.C. Shukla and wish a speedy recovery to all those who are injured. To all the families of those who have paid the ultimate price, we offer our heartfelt condolences and wish the Government will make suitable donations to assist them and all those who suffered injuries and damages to mitigate their losses. “This is truly an attack on democracy and the political process through and through and a savage attack on humanity.”


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