Nassau Legislator Solages: “Tell us where you’re placing the Casino in Nassau Now!”

ELMONT, NY (TIP): Legislator Carrie Solages is upset over the delay in announcement of the location of the Casino. “For months we have all heard the rumors of a Casino being built somewhere in Nassau County. It was rumored to be placed in Uniondale, then Inwood in the 5 Towns and now the Belmont property in Elmont, NY. The problem is; this is more than just rumor! The County has cited $20 million dollars of revenue source in the 2016 from a Casino; and yet 21 days before that budget year begins the same officials citing the revenue in their budget have yet to announce where it will be placed”, he said.

“It’s irresponsible!  A community like Elmont, Floral Park, North Valley Stream etc. deserve to know what is being placed in their neighborhood that could forever change their community landscape.” exclaimed Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages. “This affects us as moms and dads, community leaders and how we can all plan for the future. To not know is not just wrong; it’s cruel.”

While speaking to the issue of where this casino will be placed Legislator Solages, joined with other activists to share their frustration with the lack of any open process. “These communities deserve better and at minimum they deserve communication and honesty. This process has proven itself to completely lack transparency and it has got to stop now!” shared Legislator Solages who goes onto mention that there has been no official public meeting or hearing that would educate community members on what a video lottery parlor would look like and more importantly to listen to the residents who would be affected by such a development.

“The time is NOW to tell the truth. Be honest and don’t wait to the holiday weeks in hopes that the victimized community will be not watching. Show some respect and announce NOW!” concluded Legislator Solages.


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