New York Times Columnist Emphasizes Economic Importance of Higher Education

Eduardo Porter, New York Times Columnist in his keynote speech at SUNY Old Westbury’s 11th Annual Faculty Conference, April 17, underscored the importance of education in individual's economic growth

LONG ISLAND, NY (TIP): “Stay in school” was the clear sentiment from Eduardo Porter’s keynote speech at SUNY Old Westbury’s 11th Annual Faculty Conference, hosted by the Teaching and Learning Resources Committee on Friday, April 17, 2015. The New York Times columnist discussed the importance of education and various systemic inequalities to an audience of students, faculty, and staff. He empirically emphasized the dividing line that higher education creates in the United States both socially and economically.

According to Porter, the lifetime earning potential a college degree recipient can expect is double that of one with only a high school diploma. Additionally, he is hopeful that “education’s promise can be the leveler of opportunity” to eliminate some cultural disparities. After discussing several disparities including wealth, income, access, race, and social progress, Porter concluded that the challenge the United States faces with inequities may eventually spur meaningful action.

The Conference also featured a new faculty research showcase, and presentations focusing on the theme of disparities – in immigrant communities, technology, health, and trends in student retention. The event, sponsored by Academic Affairs, concluded the month-long Disparity Project, a community-based photo project making statements on questions related to disparity.


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