OFBJP-USA Organizes ‘Yoga for Unity’ Program in New Jersey

EDISON, NJ (TIP): Hundreds of Indian American volunteers enthusiastically participated in the “Yoga for Unity” program organized by the Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party (OFBJP) in Edison, New Jersey on Sunday Feb 23, 2014 at TV Asia Auditorium.

The event was managed by the OFBJP youth team to garner support for the construction of Statue of Unity, world’s tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the architect of the unification of India after the departure of British, in Gujarat, India. Aravind Modini (Convener, OFBJP NJ Youth team) acted as the Emcee for the program and welcomed the delegates.

Chandrakanth Patel (President, OFBJP), Suresh Jani (Past President, OFBJP), Jayesh Patel (Immediate Past President, OFBJP), Arvind Patel (New Jersey Coordinator, OFBJP), and Vinod Patel and Prof. Bipin Sangankar (Sardar Patel Foundation) along with other distinguished guests inaugurated the program with Lighting of the Lamp amidst the chanting of Vedic hymns by Pandit Praveen Shastri. Led by Prachi Makkar (College Student from NJ), entire audience joined in the singing of Vandemaataram.

Chandrakanth Patel (President, OFBJP) welcomed the distinguished guests and said that Narendra Modi was a visionary like Sardar Patel and currently the entire India has been chanting Narendra Modi (NaMo) mantra: Modi for PM. The youth volunteers of OFBJP have been working very hard to carry the message of NaMo among the Indian diaspora by organizing ‘Chai pe Charcha’ (NaMo Tea parties) and other outreach activities in many cities all across USA.

He strongly urged the audience to join the Mission-2014: BJP272+ and support the organization in every possible way to ensure NaMo becomes the next Prime Minister of India with BJP securing full majority. Jayesh Patel (Immediate Past President, OFBJP) read out a message of Shri Narendra Modi specially sent for the occasion, in which he conveyed his good wishes to the volunteers and success of the program. Speaking on the occasion, H.R. Shah (Chairman, TV Asia) reminded the audience that the auditorium where the program is being held is named after Sardar Patel and said the Narendra Modi has all the right qualifications to lead India.

Ramesh Patel (President, FIA) said that except for Narendra Modi the other PM contenders are no good for India in view of their track record. Rakshpal Sood (Sr. Advisor, OFBJP) stressed the need for unity at all levels and people rise above the narrow considerations of caste, creed and community, and vote for India in order to make sure BJP wins the next elections.

Vinod Patel from the Sardar Patel Foundation (SPF) which supported the event said that Sardar Patel was a great leader and visionary and was respected by everyone including Mahatma Gandhi. Prof. Bipin Sangankar (President, SPF) enlightened the audience by narrating some interesting events in Sardar Patel’s life and said India would have been a super power if he were the first Prime Minister. MS RajyaLaxmi (Member, SPF) said that Sardar Patel belongs to the entire humanity and not just India and read out the messages from Baba Ramdev and Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. Sardar Patel Foundation organized a photo exhibition on Sardar Patel during the program.

The audience was shown a video that gave a glimpse of Sardar Patel’s contributions in the service of Mother India and an overview of the prestigious Statue of Unity project. Ganesh Ramakrishnan (Volunteer, OFBJP NJ Yuva) read out a message sent by Vijay Jolly (Convener, OFBJP) who lauded the contributions of Indian diaspora and urged them to reach out to their families in India to support BJP and make Narendra Modi as the next prime minister. Led by Tanvi Shah of Tanvi Yoga, delegates performed Yogic Asanas and breathing exercises.

They were given tips on how to manage day to day issues like backaches, sitting and standing for long times, etc. Shri Ketan Bhagat of Art of Living conducted a breathing and meditation session and stressed the importance of cleaning the inner self to fight and cleanse the world outside. There was a great response for the yoga and meditation sessions from the audience. The audience was enthralled by a Punjabi folk song by Prachi and Surya Makkar. Speaking on the occasion Drumi Bhatt (Volunteer, OFBJP NJ Yuva) stressed the need for women security and cited Gujarat as an example as the state has done a lot to protect the girl child.

Arun Ayyagari (Volunteer, OFBJP NJ Yuva) said that NaMo is the most popular Indian leader on Social Media and India needs him to eradicate all the evils of the nation. Pramod Bhagat (Volunteer, OFBJP NJ Yuva) urged the audience to support the OFBJP Yuva volunteers in their mission to garner support for BJP. Aravind Modini requested the audience to support BJP by calling their family and friends in India to vote for BJP. The highlight of the program was the video on NaMo vision.

The video highlighted different quotes from NaMo’s speeches that elaborated his vision for India and were received by audience with applause at every single quote. Shri Krishna Reddy (Treasurer, OFBJP) presented the vote of Thanks and recognized the support given by Sardar Patel Foundation, Art of Living, Tanvi Yoga, HSS, TV Asia Staff, BAPS and the OFBJP volunteers for the event. Everyone present there was treated with NaMo Chai throughout the duration of the program and also enjoyed a tasteful dinner that was served after the program.


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