Republican party has two weeks to get rid of Donald Trump

Why are we asking this now? On Super Tuesday, Donald Trump took a large stride nearer towards the Republican nomination when he won seven of the eleven states where Republicans were voting. Senator Ted Cruz one three states, and Marco Rubio just one. For those within the Republican establishment who who hate and despite Trump – and there are plenty -there has been the sudden realisation that the real estate mogul may be poised to seize the party’s nomination.

What is the evidence of an anti-Trump rebellion?

Why don’t they like Trump?

Why is it so hard to a viable alternative to Trump?

What about Ted Cruz?

What about a brokered convention?

How likely is it that Trump is going to be stopped?

The problem for the haters of Trump is that the more they do to stop him, the more it helps him. He and his supporters like nothing more than an opportunity to claim that big Washington money is out to stop him. For those who don’t like the idea of Nominee Trump, it may be all too late.

(The Indepdendent)


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