Satnam Singh Parhar eyes to represent District 23 of New York City Council

A long time community activist Satnam Singh Parhar enjoys wide support of the South Asian community
A long time community activist Satnam Singh Parhar enjoys wide support of the South Asian community

BELLEROSE, NY (TIP): Satnam Singh Parhar announced, June 25, his candidacy for New York City Council to represent District 23, which includes several diverse communities across North-Eastern Queens. The office is left vacant as former Councilman Mark Weprin (D) joins the staff of Governor Andrew Cuomo as deputy secretary of legislative affairs.

Born in the village of Kukowal in Punjab, India, Mr. Parhar completed his Bachelors in Commerce from Punjab University, Chandigarh. While at Punjab University, Mr. Parhar was heavily involved in student and community activism. He was General Secretary of the Student Union and was a well-regarded soccer player. A resident of New York for almost four decades, Mr. Parhar has since 1976 brought the same spirit of activism to his local community, where he has since involved himself in a number of commercial, community, and philanthropic ventures.

Beginning with the competitive fashion industry of the late seventies, Mr. Parhar opened boutiques that introduced cutting-edge women’s designs, which rapidly matured into four major high-end boutiques, spurring successful import operations from India, France, Bali, and Indonesia. His next and most enduring venture was in construction and development. Well established in the industry, Mr. Parhar has under his belt numerous successful development projects in the private, public and community sectors.

Mr. Parhar has long been involved with the India Association of Long Island (IALI), an organization proudly serving the Indian communities of Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk-having served as Executive Council member since 2008, Vice-President since 2013, and President since 2014. In his capacity as President, Mr. Parhar has worked to establish a permanent headquarters for the IALI, lovingly called IALI Home. Working with the Association, he has raised funds for the IALI Home where cultural, educational, and outreach activities are provided. Mr. Parhar spends hours every weekend at the IALI Home to meet with people from the community and address their concerns.

Mr. Parhar is the founder of Sant Baba Nidhan Singh Ji Cultural Society, and the founder and chairman of Rajput Cultural Society. While involved in these and other associations he has organized nagar kirtans at Gurdwara Sant Sagar, Bellerose, and sponsored many local soccer and other sports tournaments. Mr. Parhar has organized inmate-support programs in various prisons and detention centers in New York. Mr. Parhar has made routine visits with various airports, schools, and precincts to bring awareness to these institutions and the public about Sikhism.Mr. Parha’s faith and specifically the Sikh turban, a proud emblem of Mr. Parhar’s identity.

In 2011, Mr. Parhar had the  honor of participating in the introduction of the New York City Workplace Religious Freedom Act in co-operation with former mayor Michael Bloomberg and Councilman Weprin. He has organized fundraisers and election rallies in support of New York State Senator Anthony Avella, Assemblyman David Weprin, and Councilman Mark Weprin.

Mr. Parhar, an avid runner and sportsman, has completed a number of races including the TCS New York City Marathon.

Mr. Parhar is supported by his loving family, including his wife, Dalgit Parhar, a Registered Nurse at Jamaica Hospital, his daughter-in-law, Dr. Sumit Parhar, grand-daughter Noor K. Parhar, and daughter Manpreet K. Parhar who is pursuing a Ph.D. from Notre Dame of Maryland University. Mr. Parhar’s son Dr. Ravindira “Romeo” Parhar, who passed away last year, offered heartfelt support for his father’s continued political successes.

Satnam Singh Parhar-a fresh face with a bold new outlook-in keeping with principles of honesty and transparency humbly urges the voters of District 23 to show their support in the September 10 special election.

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