Shahnaz Husain Promotes Plant Stem Cells Research

NEW YORK, NY (TIP): At an event organized at the Indian Consulate in New York, April 29th, beauty mogul Shahnaz Husain addressed the press about her new research in using plant stem cells for beauty products. Shahnaz provided the members of the media with evidence of her research on how plant stem cells compel in slowing aging signs and also help in keeping beautiful skin intact. She also presented a collaboration of products for skin problems after chemotherapy, vision enhancing kajal and other beauty remedies. “I am appalled at the rate of chemicals that we use on our bodies. There are chemicals in everything and there is only so much your body can take.

One day your body will succumb to the ill effects of these hazardous chemicals. I have designed a series of all-natural Ayurvedic products that not only enhance beauty but also preserve it. Our latest research in plant stem cells has provided us with early evidence that this can be achieved in a healthy and natural manner without any side effects,” said Husain. Shahnaz Hussain – just back from MIT where she was invited to speak on Ayurvedic innovation and woman empowerment also spoke of her MIT experience. She was earlier invited by Harvard Business School to speak on how to create a brand without commercial advertising. She has also spoken at Oxford University, UK and London School of Economics on the positive impact of innovative entrepreneurship. She is also the recipient of World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur award by Success Group USA, the first woman ever to receive this award in 104 years.


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