State Legislators Blast Plans to Build ‘Community’ Jail in College Point

State Senator Tony Avella

QUEENS, NY (TIP): State Senator Tony Avella and State Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz called the de Blasio Administration’s plans to build a new jail in College Point “ludicrous and irresponsible” in a joint statement on March 31.

“It’s outrageous that the city would even think about burdening the College Point community yet again with another large scale development – let alone proposing that it be a jail that would house 2,000 criminals. I’m appalled that while we’re protecting the Mayor’s back in Albany, he’s going behind our back to hurt our community,” stated Senator Avella.

State Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz“City Hall’s proposal to shift inmates to a neighborhood as densely populated as College Point is appalling,” said Assemblyman Simanowitz. “College Point Corporate Park has become a convenient dumping ground for large scale development and relocations, a burden borne by our residents. Moreover, this plan blatantly ignores public safety and quality of life issues. I stand with Senator Avella and the community in unequivocal opposition to this proposal.”


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