White cop kills black man, girlfriend streams it live

WASHINGTON (TIP): America’s shame was live broadcast to the world on a chilling July 7 evening with yet another shooting involving a white cop targeting a black male.

The 9 minutes and 30 seconds video feed that an African-American woman streamed on Facebook Live after police shot her boyfriend when they were pulled over for a broken taillight is so graphic that even radio stations, let alone TV networks, used it sparingly with caution advisories.

The blood that steeped across the young man’s white tshirt may well have been suffusing the continental expanse of the US that has repeatedly seen cold-blooded police excesses on African-American males.

The live feed, which Diamond Reynolds started broadcasting on social media moments after a cop shot her boyfriend Philando Castile on a Minnesota street, shows her calmly relating the events even as the hysterical policeman, his voice quavering with tension despite the weapon he wields, asks her to keep her hands in sight. “I will, sir, I will,” she says respectfully, as she pans the camera to her boyfriend’s bloodied arm and chest.

She says they were pulled over for a broken tail light and the officer shot him as he was reaching for his wallet in his back pocket to show his driver’s licence. He had told the officer he was in possession of a licensed firearm. “I told you not to reach for it… I told to get his hand open,” the cop screams hysterically. “You told him to get his ID, sir,” the woman explains with astonishing calm, considering the scene beside her, “…his driver’s licence.” Then, right there, the life goes out of her boyfriend. “Oh my god, please don’t l tell me he’s dead,” Reynolds says, still more in control of herself than the feverish, panicked cop screaming. “Please don’t tell me my boyfriend went just like that. Please don’t tell me lord that he’s gone… please don’t tell me. Please officer don’t tell me that you just did this to him.” She starts to break down.

“You just shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his licence and registration out, sir,” she cries. A young girl can be seen and is heard saying at one point, t “I’m scared, Mommy.”

Reynolds is then asked to get out of the car by another officer and walk backwards towards them and drop down on her knees. It’s a scene tens of thousands of black people in Americans know all too well, and it happens all too often. But even going by the blood-thirsty matchismo that American men in uniform -particularly its white cops -show towards African-Americans, this appeared, for all purposes, a cold-blooded execution.


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