Actress Jessica Alba says she just wants to do movies, which she finds fun to shoot. The 35-year-old ‘Into the Blue’ star said earlier she used to take a more methodical approach while choosing films but now she wants to work in the movies which will be ‘fun’ to shoot, reported Female First.

“It’s different because, it’s more like, ‘Do you wanna go to Thailand and do a fun action movie with Jason Statham for 10 days?’ And I was like, ‘Cool, yeah, sure!’ But it’s less dramatic. I just did it and it’s just not as serious for me.

“Before, I was so methodical – I wanted to make sure that it was going to be on a global scale, any movie that I did, and that it was going to be a tentpole franchise and all this stuff. And now, I just want to have fun!,” she said.


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