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Indian-Americans Protest in Washington against China

WASHINGTON (TIP): A group of Indian-Americans from in and around the national capital held a protest here against China‘s aggression towards India and the human right violations of Uyghur minority groups in the country’s restive Muslim-majority […]


The standoff and China’s India policy dilemma

“As New Delhi seeks to reset ties with Beijing, it must take note of the ongoing Chinese debate on India”, says the author. “Despite all the jingoism and rhetoric propagated through its official media, China […]


Daring the Dragon

India must tone down rhetoric, build its capabilities silently Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call to the People’s Liberation Army on Tuesday to think about worst-case scenarios and to scale up battle preparedness has come at […]


For now, a sense of ease

Modi can derive satisfaction from the fact that despite Chinese actions and Sino-Pakistan collusion, India has successfully ridden the storm of external pressures after the revocation of Article 370. New Delhi can now move ahead […]


Leveraging China vis-a-vis Uncle Sam

“It would be naive to infer any change in China’s efforts to undermine India’s influence across its Indian Ocean neighborhood or moderate its support for Pakistan and terrorist groups like the Jaish-e-Mohammed. But it does […]


Indian appointed head of top Chinese biz institute

BEIJING(TIP): Dr. Dipak Jain, a prominent Indian professor in the US, has been appointed as the new head of a top global business school in China, according to a media report. Jain, 61, will take […]


Turn the prism of the past

India must view in a new light its ties with both China and Pakistan Succinctly put, China’s initiative to create a trilateral forum to foster amity between Afghanistan and Pakistan has gained traction. In fact, […]


When India and China Meet

By Nirupama Rao The message from Wuhan is: let us give each other space and rationalize our differences in a grown-up way. “The outcome statement from the Indian foreign office and from the Prime Minister’s […]


PM Modi Arrives in Wuhan for talks with Xi Jinping

Both leaders are expected to define a pathway that could transform IndiaChina ties into a major force for tackling global problems. WUHAN(TIP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Wuhan late Thursday, April 26 night for […]



NEW DELHI (TIP): Relative to India, China is a late entrant in the Maldives, a key Indian Ocean nation and the only SAARC member-state Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to visit. But China may well have stolen […]