Capt. Amarinder Singh addresses the large gathering in Melville, New York.
Capt. Amarinder Singh addresses the large gathering in Melville, New York.

MELVILLE, NY (TIP): The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President and former Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt. Amarinder Singh, addressing a huge rally in New York on Saturday May 7, 2016 said “Punjab is undergoing difficult times at the present, and these difficulties can only be resolved and Punjab’s progress put back on track when Congress government comes back to power.”

Capt. Amarinder Singh was on his last leg of his journey in the United States and was addressing a large crowd at the Hilton Hotel in Melville, New York organized under the aegis of Punjabi NRIs of US. The Indian National Overseas Congress, USA headed by President Mohinder Singh Gilzian supported this successful event.

Capt. Amarinder Sigh said that at present, the conditions in Punjab are very bad. The Sikh leaders themselves are causing harm. Some of them will go to any extent for the sake of titles. Here, discussing with many individuals directly amongst the 2000-crowd, he listened to personal issues and general complaints. He declared that the properties of NRI Punjabis that have been illegally occupied or confiscated will be freed and given back to the rightful owners. Once their government is established, new rules and procedures will be put in place to resolve NRI problems. He said he was fully familiar with the problems of the NRIs and has great sympathies for them.

In addition, talking about Punjab, he said, inattention to agriculture, joblessness and drug addiction by youth were among the major problems which required careful and urgent social and governmental intervention. He stated that in Punjab, important departments including the Education were failing to deliver even minimum services and his party apparatus was already preparing to uplift andimprove them to a higher standard of efficiency. He said Punjab was in a dire need for a creative and far-sighted Government and the Congress will be able to deliver that.

He warned Punjabis about Aam Aadmi Party and said that Delhi administration has gone down under AAP and if they adapt to their failed policies and practices in Punjab, it will collapse. In the midst of applause, ovations and cries of “Captain Amarinder Singh Zindabad, and Captain Le aao, Punjab Bachao!!” From the audience, he warned that we have to be cautious of 3 things (Whites) in which White liquor, White Fly and White Topi were included. He lamented that Badal family had ruined Punjab with corruption. Thebackbone of Punjab, the farmer, is in dire shape as their situation is deteriorating and farmers are being forced to commit suicide in alarming numbers.

He also heard complaints from members of the audience and offered solutions that his new government will offer if it takes office. His answers which were in simple and straight forward language were considered as very satisfactory by all to the concerns they had expressed and the audience left fully content. Hon. Sangat Singh Gilzian, MLA from Tanda who, among others, accompanied Capt. Amarinder Singh from Punjab also gave a brief narrative of the deplorable conditions in Punjab and said that Punjab now needed a great leader like Capt. Amarinder Singh to save it from drowning. Hon. Sukh Sarkaria, MLA, Hon. Kewal Dhillon, MLA and Dr. Surinder Malhotra also spoke on the occasion.

In conclusion, the President of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA, Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian thanked the audience for coming and participating in the discussions and said that this event brought historic crowd together in New York. He was happy that the audience were completely satisfied with the answers that they had received from Capt. Amarinder Singh which had clarified all misunderstandings of people relative to all opposition parties including AAP. In this connection, Gurmit Singh Gill also spoke and added that he would take thousands of Punjabi NRIs from USA to Punjab for the 2017 elections. Amongst those who played an active role in organizing the event and making it a grand success included Karamjit Singh Dhaliwal, President Malwa Brothers Association and Vice-President of INOC, USA, Tejinder Gill and Jasvir Singh Nawanshahr.

George Abraham, Chairman, Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President, and Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General, together with several senior officers of INOC, USA met with Capt. Amarinder Singh before the meeting where they discussed some of the important issues and strategies pertaining to the work of the INOC, USA and its resolve to assist in the furtherance of the goal of Capt. Amarinder Singh in his campaign processes. It was agreed that the parties will remain in touch and act in concert. Captain Amarinder Singh expressed deep appreciation for the hard work the group was doing especially in bringing the community together and encouraged Mohinder Singh Gilzian to continue with his good work. (Press Release)