Indian American couple goes skiing in traditional Indian outfits, video leaves internet ‘impressed’

A couple in the US felt the “need to do something crazy”, and of course they went viral for it.Recently, they decided to go skiing in traditional Indian outfits.

CHICAGO (TIP): Divya and Madhu left the internet stunned as they skied wearing a saree and a dhoti in sub-zero temperatures. While Divya wore a blue sari over leggings and a pullover, Madhu was seen wearing a dhoti before hitting the slopes. Clips of Divya and Madhu have thousands impressed on social media. The video was shared last month by Divya on her Instagram account, but it recently caught internet’s attention. The videos show the two in their gear with traditional Indian outfits while skiing on the slopes of Welch village-a ski area in Minnesota. The two were seen going down the snow-covered slopes with ease. “We needed to do something really crazy today to distract ourselves!” wrote Divya while sharing the footage on Instagram. The video has racked up over 25,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of impressed comments. “Love this. Saree and panache game strong,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Wow! Seriously impressive. How did you learn to ski like that?” another asked.

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