Priyanka Chopra has taken over international television with her hit show, ‘Quantico’. The actress, who has made her presence felt on all media platforms, has time and again spoken up for the cause of women. After talking about the importance of gender equality in the film industry, the actress has now spoken about the disparity in pay between male and female actors.

In a chat, Priyanka said that men are often given more remuneration and compensations than women. She admitted that although she didn’t understand this disparity, this is the kind of world women live in. Without taking away any due credit from male actors who rake in large box office collections, Priyanka reasoned that having stars like Aamir Khan and Salman Khan on the poster helps films collect over Rs 300 crores. She went on to say that the day female leads can command that much money, it will close the pay gap.