Armchair MusingsIn a town where neighbors don’t often talk to each other -a survey found that at least 34 percent of New Yorkers went more than a week without speaking to those living nearby. Now that’s something, considering some studies indicate that New York is the 7th noisiest city in the world. At least it proves how less human beings contribute to noise pollution.

Armchair Musings2SYRIOUS CONCERN is a mantra that’s fading out. Syria had become a testing ground for countries manufacturing any sort of Bombs or missiles. The probability of a BOMB landing close to you in Syria is almost the same as being bitten by a Mosquito in Africa

Armchair Musings1Greece recently joined the list of the WORST GOVERNED Countries like Somalia, Zimbabwe and Sudan. People have started to eat, drink and make merry and when the bill arrives, they stand up and instead of going Dutch, they go Greece.

Greek God or rather “looks like a Greek God” was the metaphor those days.

That would mean a man who was scantily clothed and for sure the upper part of his torso partly exposed, mostly clean shaven and surely muscular, strong and very handsome. He waits for one. He was very confident, has nothing but very confident and would even battle the Gods to impress.

The Greek God of today has turned into someone who waits in the queue to draw his pension. He hugs his coat tight to ensure no one steals that. He is not sure of morrow nor today. He has nothing to lose, yet insecure. He has or does not have a job. Either way he would not get paid. His goal is to migrate to Australia. Times have changed, indeed!!!!!

Armchair Musings3Whether he wins the election or not, Donald Trump’s name will go down in history, among other things, as the cause of “The Wall” bordering Mexico. Suddenly it appears as if”The Wall” is part of every candidate’s agenda. It also appears that “The Wall” is the solution to all the major problems the US is undergoing. The only difference though is Donald Trump is the only candidate who claims that he will get Mexico to pay for building it.

Armchair Musings4Dr. Ben Carsonhas lost all hopes. Infact, he is unable to conceal his joy when given a chance to even voice his opinion which generally starts off with “visit my website,”. Perhaps his run for president will promote his medical practice as a neuro surgeon. Surely some might be willing to pay a premium to go under the scalpel of a presidential candidate.