Ekta Desai was racially profiled and yelled at by a stranger on a PATH train (Photo Courtesy of Facebook)
Indian Americans

Indian American girl racially abused in New York train

NEW YORK (TIP): In yet another incident against an Indian American, the same day when an Indian American engineer was shot dead in an apparent hate crime in Olathe, Kansas, an Indian American girl living […]

Jewish centers in US cope with bomb threats; graves vandalized
United States

Jewish centers in US cope with bomb threats; graves vandalized

WASHINGTON (TIP): Rabbi Joshua Bolton of the University of Pennsylvania’s Hillel center surveys damaged headstones at Mount Carmel Cemetery on Feb. 27, 2017, in Philadelphia. Jewish centers and schools across the nation coped with another […]

Indian Americans

Indian man’s house trashed with dog poop, racial messages

PEYTON (TIP): An incident of possible hate crime has come to light in a US town where a house of an Indian man was trashed with eggs, dog poop and hate messages. The Federal Bureau […]


President Trump condemns recent spike in hate related violence

WASHINGTON (TIP): Indians at home and Indian Americans anxiously awaiting condemnation of last week’s hate fueled shooting incident, in Kansas, that claimed the life of an Indian Engineer, had to settle for a perfunctory statement […]

On Tuesday Feb 28 night, President Trump made his first address to Congress, touching on his goals for immigration, jobs, education and national security

An Untrumpian Trump Asks Congress to End ‘Trivial Fights’ in his first Address to Congress

It was not the Trump Americans have known who addressed the joint session of Congress on February 28 night, He disappointed many by being so untrumpian. It was a different Trump that night whocalled on […]

United States

Donald Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance

WASHINGTON (TIP): The Trump administration has ended federal protections for transgender students that instructed schools to allow them to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities. Stepping into an emotional national debate, the […]

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New Yorkers send a clear message – Activists drape Lady Liberty with ‘Refugees Welcome’ banner

NEW YORK (TIP): Activist scaled the Statue of Liberty and unfurled a red and white “Refugees Welcome” banner on Tuesday, just hours after the Department of Homeland Security unveiled its sweeping plan to deport undocumented […]

Mass #Deportation: How Do You Deport 11 Million People?

Mass deportations? The Trump Administration goes after immigrants

Despite judicial rebuffs on his ban on immigrants, President DonaldTrump appears to be intent on waging war on the American society’s most vibrant elements: the immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security is reported to have […]

Donald Trump's weird relationship with Russia has been problematic and suspicious from the beginning of his presidential campaign


The undeserving Donald Trump pretty just keeps on proving to America that his presidency was just going to be a pathetic continuation of his presidential campaign, squashing all hopes that he might suddenly come to […]