Jindal’s popularity dips below one percent – refuses to bow out

WASHINGTON (TIP): The popularity of first Indian-american US Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal has dipped below one per cent, according to latest opinion polls, indicating that all is not well with his campaign.

In two leading national opinion polls – CNN/ORC and NBC/Wall Street Journal – Jindal’s popularity rating slipped to less than one per cent, following which many political pundits were quick to pronounce a dead end to his presidential ambition at least in the 2016 elections. Bobby Jindal is the first Indian American to be elected a state governor.

However, the 44-year-old two time Louisiana governor said he is not giving up so early. In fact he threated to skip the next round of Republican debate as based on national poll results he has been pushed to the second tier debate. The Republican race is now led by Donald Trump and Ben Carson, according to the CNN/ORC poll. Trump leads the field with 27 per cent, followed by Carson at 22 per cent. But Jindal argued Trump is going to fade. “His numbers are already starting to fall in Iowa…,” Jindal argued.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal lost ground in the latest Fox News poll of candidates seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, slipping below 1 percent and into 15th place in the large field.

Now, Gov. Bobby Jindal has not made the cut for yet another main Republican presidential debate, and has been invited the “undercard” debate held earlier in the evening instead.

CNBC has invited 10 GOP candidates to the primetime debate held at 8 p.m on Oct. 28 in Boulder, Colo. The “undercard” debate would take place at 6 p.m. in the same place. Jindal could face former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, former Gov. George Pataki, and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham if he participates in the earlier event.

Jindal and three other men were invited to the early slot because their average national poll numbers in the last five weeks aren’t high enough to qualify for the main event. The New York Times reports the “undercard” candidates polling numbers are all below 2.5 percent.

During a meeting with The Des Moines Register editorial board this week, Jindal declined to say whether he will participate in the undercard event.