Greek philosopher Epictetus once stated: “Imagine for yourself a character, a model personality, whose example you determine to follow, in private as well as in public.” Mr. Pavankumar Darisi has made every effort in life to be a model citizen worthy of the praise he is often awarded. Mr. Darisi’s life and experience had made him the astounding image of a successful businessman with an idealistic and modest personality.

Born in a small village called Pamuru of the Prakasam District in rural India, Mr. Darisi spent his childhood under his father’s wing taking in all his father’s teachings. Mr. Darisi owes most of his success to his father, who despite his poor financial condition educated his children at the very best institutions he could afford. Mr. Darisi graduated from Raichur VL College with a degree in Pharmacy.

Just months after his graduation, Mr. Darisi immigrated to the United States in 1987 and in this new country he purchased an insolvent pharmacy with the hopes of reviving it. Within a few years, Mr. Darisi’s pharmacy witnessed phenomenal growth, which allowed Mr. Darisi to branch out and open 5 more pharmacies in the different parts of New York City. His success in business did not just end there.

He began and expanded an online business for Health & Beauty supplies named He started out in a small basement with one employee. He had nothing but a four foot shelf and an old used computer from which he conducted his business. This is the same that has grown tremendously since its conception now grossing millions of dollars in revenue. Mr. Darisi’s entrepreneurial success has not gone unnoticed.

In fact he is the recipient of notable awards from organizations such as Inc. 500, USPAACC, Top 500 internet retailers, and News India Times. He has been continuously receiving these coveted awards for almost six straight years. Additionally he received the prestigious Pravashi Bharatiya Award which is only given to NRIs by the Indian government. In addition to Mr. Darisi’s success in business, he is heavily involved in providing social services to the community. Inspired by his father’s giving nature, Mr. Darisi devoted a significant portion of his life to community service.

Notably after graduating from college, he worked odd jobs and ended up donating whatever little income he made to help the elderly. He has started and served several philanthropic organizations and projects along the way. One notable organization he founded is Darisi Seva Samstha. Using this organization, he has reached out to many disadvantaged people in the community. He has made philanthropic contributions in countless projects in the fields of medicine, construction, and education.

Mr. Darisi has helped in conducting free computer classes for the modernization of rural places, constructing marriage halls for underprivileged youngsters, establishing schools to educate poor children, and building of temples and bus shelters. He truly serves as a role model for many who have emigrated from their respective homelands in search of success. Despite all his business achievements and immense success, this man has not forgotten his roots.

His love and care for others is always placed first for him through his philanthropy. He is proud of his heritage and lives to serve and benefit his beloved community both back home in India and here in the U.S. Mr. Darisi could not have all of his success without his loving family. He has a beautiful wife named Ramadevi and two wonderful children Sindhu and Sanjeev.