NEW YORK (TIP): The newly-renovated Antuns by Minar in Hicksville, New York hosted singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for a media night recently. The well-attended media event saw a brief performance by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, ahead of his June 15 concert in NY. The cavernous ballroom of Antun’s by Minar saw the cream of the Long Island Indian American community, along with South Asian media, mingling informally with the maestro and his hosts, Rajeev Maini, Inder Singh and Gurvinder Sahni, the new owners of Antun’s by Minar.

Following media interviews, the singer, his entourage and the sponsors, including Asif Jamal, vice president of sales and marketing at ARY Digital USA, addressed a press conference, recounting how the maestro enjoyed coming to the US while performing more than 60 shows in the past few years. “I try to ensure my music binds people from India and Pakistan,” he said. Khan also revealed during the press conference that he was working diligently on launching Khan Music Academy in the US.

Introducing Khan, Rajeev Maini said that he could not imagine a better beginning for Antun’s by Minar than by hosting Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

“Just like Mr. Khan, we want to be known for our hard work, creativity and integrity,” Maini said, adding “Antuns by Minar is a dream for my partners and myself, and we are here to succeed, with your support and well wishes.” Antun’s by Minar is co-owned by Inder Singh (Neetu), who has run Minar and Benares and several other successful restaurants for more than 30 years, and is considered a veritable stalwart among Indian restaurateurs in New York.

The media night with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at Antuns by Minar was created and managed by India One and EEG Talent, both New York-based sister companies specializing in PR, marketing, talent and event management. Antun’s by Minar, Indya One and EEG Talent have recently teamed up to frequently bring Bollywood celebrity events to the New York area.