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Chinese Military is Willing to Help the Syrian Army Retake Idlib

The way China, an increasingly powerful nation in the midst of a great power competition with the United States, interacts with the rest of the world will have significant global implications. Syria could be a […]


Russia’s pro-Pakistan tilt: India must not allow old ally to slip away

The signs have been ominous for the past four years. By the time PM Modi arrived at his ‘Barack’ moment, Russia had read South Block’s signals of apathy and inked an agreement on defense cooperation […]


Do sportspersons make good politicians?

“Barring a few exceptions, they were all introduced on the political horizon as “bold and big game-changers”. Finding their wings clipped and sans all powers, they attempted to walk free, only to end up as […]


Prime Minister Imran Khan

Can he mature fast enough for the requirements of his new office or will he need guidance? “Mr. Khan, till now the vitriolic candidate and opposition leader, will have to mature to be a more […]


At BRICS summit, India’s PM Modi calls for tech revolution; reaffirms India’s commitment to multilateralism

JOHANNESBURG(TIP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, July 26, highlighted the importance of industrial technology, skill development and multilateral cooperation in creating a better world as he attended the BRICS Summit here. Modi said the […]


Five Worst Dictators in the last 100 years- We Are The People Report

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina tops the list NEW YORK (TIP): We Are The People (WRTP) is a human and civil rights organization based in New York, USA. The Organization focuses on immigrant population […]


Sikh leader shot dead in Pakistan’s Peshawar

He is survived by two sons, a daughter and wife AMRITSAR(TIP: A prominent Sikh religious leader Charanjit Singh Sagar was shot dead in Peshawar city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan on Tuesday, May […]