Anna Hazare says neither Modi nor Rahul Gandhi fit to become PM

WASHINGTON (TIP): Anna Hazare, described by some as second Gandhi, was recently on a two-week tour of the US when he met a cross section of Indian Americans at various locations. One of his notable comments was that neither Narendra Modi nor Rahul Gandhi are fit to become the prime minister of India. Anna also favored direct election of prime minister and doing away with party-based political system, which he claimed has destroyed not only democracy, but also “usurped” the constitution. “India’s constitution does not recognize political parties. Both Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi represent political parties. Therefore being representatives of political parties, we would not permit them (to become the Prime Minister),” 76-year-old Hazare told a group of Indian students at University of Maryland August 22 evening. “Our faith is in the Indian constitution. These political parties run against the basic spirit of the constitution.

It is now important to raise awareness among the people of India. If the country needs a Prime Minister, or a President, the entire country should elect him – centralized,” he said. “The country would get a good Prime Minister if the people of the entire country get an opportunity to select. As long as political parties dominate the electoral set up, the country is unlikely to get a good Prime Minister,” Hazare said at the event organized by DESI (Develop Empower Synergy India), an organization of Indian students. Earlier in the day at a Congressional reception hosted in his honor at the Capitol Hill, Hazare said that he would go back to agitation at Ramlila Maidan on the first day of the winter session of the Parliament, if the Union Government does not bring the Lokpal in the current session. Hazare said after returning to India from the US, he would resume his nationwide tour from Bihar, during which he would urge people to fight for achieving the goal of true democracy. Gen (retd) V K Singh, who is accompanying Hazare, said the country is at the brink of a disaster, if immediate steps are not taken to change the way things are happening now. “It is time for action,” Singh said as he urged the Indian youth to come forward and join hands with Anna to achieve the goal of systematic change in the country.


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